The City of Staunton was incorporated as a village in 1859.


The city is governed under the Aldermanic-City form of government.  The City Council is comprised of eight aldermen and a mayor.  Aldermen are elected from each of the City's four wards to serve either two or four year terms.  The Mayor, City Treasurer, and City Clerk are elected at large to serve four-year terms.






The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the principal Illinois Law governing the inspection of public records.  The law provides that any person can request in writing copies of public documents on a specific subject and the public body must provide those records unless those records are covered under one of the exemptions in the act. 


All FOIA requests must be submitted in writing to the primary contact listed below.  Click on the link below for our standard request form.   


The FOIA and OMA officers were appointed by the city council.





FOIA Request Form




Total Number of Employees = 72

22 Full Time Employees

50 Part Time Employees

Listed below by department




List of City Offices and Locations

Primary FOIA Contact   

Lori Grandone 

Office Manager

City of Staunton

304 W Main St

Staunton, IL  62088

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Dennis Stiegemeier

Primary OMA Contact

City Clerk

City of Staunton

304 W Main St

Staunton, IL  62088

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Freedom of Information

City Hall

304 W Main St


Full Time = 2

Part Time = 1

Part Time = 4

Yard Waste Attendant (Part Time) = 1

 105 S Wood St


Full Time Officers = 6 (includes Police Chief)

Full Time Dispatchers = 3

Part Time Officers = 23

Part Time Dispatchers = 19

Part Time Crossing Guard = 1

914 N Easton St


Full Time = 6 (includes Public Works Director)

Part Time = 1

914 N Easton St


Full Time = 2

935 N Easton St


Full Time = 3

Police Department

Park & Rec Department & Public Grounds

Street Department

Sewer Department

Water Department

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