Business License

City Code 7-1-1

Fee: $25 One Time Fee / $50.00 Background Check - At time of initial application

Business License Application

City Code 21-1-1

July 1 - June 30 each year

Class "A" License: Taverns $500 annually

Class"B" License: Convenience $500 annually

Class "C" License: Grocery $350 annually

Class "D" License: Restaurant $400 annually

Class "E" License: Clubs $400 annually

Class "F" License: Organizations $20 daily

Class "G" License: Extended Hours $500 annually


Liquor License - Company

Liquor License - Individual-Partnership

Trash Hauling

City Code 16-1-1

January 1 - December 31

Annual fee: $50

Trash License Application


City Code 7-3-1


Daily License $50.00 per day

Annual License $100 per year


Peddlers Application

City Code 7-4-1


July 1 - June 30 

Annual Fee:  $25 per machine


Must be applied for at City Hall

City Code 3-5-1


July 1 - June 30


 Annual Fee:     

$ 5 Spayed or Neutered Dog/Cat

$10 Un-Spayed or Un-Neutered Dog/Cat 


Must be applied for at City Hall

Raffle License

City Code 7-6-1


Any person or organization conducting or partaking in the selling of raffle chances within the city limits of Staunton must have a license to do so.


Raffle License Application

Solicitor's License

Solicitor's License

City Code 7-2-1


Daily License $50 a day

Annual License $100 a year


Solicitor's Application

City Of Staunton Fee Schedule

To download or view the City of Staunton Fee Schedule click on the link below:



Fee Schedule

Liquor License

Coin Operated Machines-Video Gaming Terminals


Raffle License

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