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Yard Waste License

City Code 16-3-6

Fee: $15 Annual Fee - expires 12/31

Allows residents to dump yard waste at specified location.  Can be purchased at City Hall, the Police Department or pay online and we will mail you the sticker.  If you pay online type "yard waste" for the account number


Ordinance 1646  


Business License

City Code 7-1-1

Fee: $25 One Time Fee / $50.00 Background Check - At time of initial application

Business License Application

Liquor License

City Code 21-1-1

July 1 - June 30 each year

Class "A" License: Taverns $500 annually

Class"B" License: Convenience $500 annually

Class "C" License: Grocery $350 annually

Class "D" License: Restaurant $400 annually

Class "E" License: Clubs $400 annually

Class "F" License: Organizations $20 daily

Class "G" License: Extended Hours $500 annually


Liquor License - Company

Liquor License - Individual-Partnership

Trash Hauling

City Code 16-1-1

January 1 - December 31

Annual fee: $50

Trash License Application


City Code 7-3-1


Daily License $50.00 per day

Annual License $100 per year


Peddlers Application

Coin Operated Machines-Video Gaming Terminals

City Code 7-4-1


July 1 - June 30 

Annual Fee:  $25 per machine


Must be applied for at City Hall

Raffle License

Raffle License

City Code 7-6-1


Any person or organization conducting or partaking in the selling of raffle chances within the city limits of Staunton must have a license to do so.


Raffle License Application

City Code 3-5-1


July 1 - June 30


 Annual Fee:     

$ 5 Spayed or Neutered Dog/Cat

$10 Un-Spayed or Un-Neutered Dog/Cat 


Must be applied for at City Hall

Solicitor's License

City Code 7-2-1


Daily License $50 a day

Annual License $100 a year


Solicitor's Application

To download or view the City of Staunton Fee Schedule click on the link below:



Fee Schedule

City Of Staunton Fee Schedule


Solicitor's License

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