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City Zoning
Matt DalPozzo - Zoning Administrator


Zoning Information

-All new construction and additions require building permits. If you are changing your roofline (adding to a roofline in any way), you will need a building permit. Sheds, carports, and covered decks all require a building permit before placement. Building permits vary in price, based on the scope of the project.


-There is only one accessory building (like a shed or carport) allowed on a parcel.    


-Any indoor remodeling or updates do not require permits. If any plumbing is being added to a home or business, a licensed plumber must be used and a plumbing inspection is required.  Licensed plumbers will make the call for the inspection.  Plumbing inspection questions go to Ray Hall with the Illinois Department of Public Health at


-Permits are required for all new fences.  Fencing permits are $25


-Any requests that are outside of the existing Zoning Code allowances will need a Variance Application. The Variance and Special Use process takes 60 days and does cost $109.31


Building Permit Application

Variance Application

Fencing Permit Application


Zoning Maps

Zoning Code


Zoning FAQ


If you are changing your roof line or adding an accessory building to your property you are required to apply for a building permit.


Any indoor remodeling or updates do not require permits at this time.


Zoning extends 1-1/2 miles outside city limits.

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