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City Council Meeting Agenda--November 25, 2019 at 7:00 P.M.


City of Staunton

914 N. Easton St.

Monday, November 25, 2019

7:00 p.m.

I. Call to Order (7:00-7:01)

II. Pledge of Allegiance (7:01-7:02)

  1. Roll Call Vote (7:02-7:04)

IV. Consent Agenda (7:04-7:06)


Regular Meeting – 11/12/2019

Collector’s Report

Ameren Illinois (Utility Tax)--$19,045.18

MJM Electric (Utility Tax)--$189.36

State of Illinois (MFT Tax Fund Allotment)--$10,092.27

State of Illinois (MFT Renewal Fund Allotment)--$6,939.83

State of Illinois (Income Tax)--$35,606.17

State of Illinois (Use Tax)--$13,429.53

State of Illinois (Telecommunications Tax)--$6,104.19

State of Illinois (Video Gaming Tax)--$6,342.75

Staunton Police Department (Ordinance Violations)--$300.00

Macoupin County Treasurer (Real Estate Tax Distribution)--$12,813.01

Macoupin County Treasurer (Real Estate Tax Distribution – Library)--$1,549.96

Macoupin County Treasurer (Interstate TIF Distribution)--$5.75

Macoupin County Treasurer (Main Street TIF Distribution)--$41.59

TDS Transport (Police Department Donation)--$500.00

Staunton Area Ambulance Service (November Dispatch Fee)--$500.00

Village of Livingston (Water Leak Repair Reimbursement)--$693.00



November 25, 2019

Business Licenses Issued

  1. Guests

  1. Correspondence (7:10-7:15)

VII. Treasurer’s Report (7:15-7:17)

VIII. City Clerk’s Report (7:17-7:20)

City Hall will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 28th and 29th in observance

of the Thanksgiving Holiday. All public works employees, except one water treatment

plant employee, will be off those days as well.

IX. Approval of Committee Reports and Motions (7:20-8:20)

Public Health & Safety – Taylor (7:20-7:25)

Motion to pay Invoice #3168 to Auto Sound and Security for labor and materials used in outfitting the new Dodge Durango police vehicle in the amount of $3,305.00

Park & Civic Improvement - Scanzoni (7:25– 7:30)

Motion to pay Invoice #9087 from Hap Industries, Inc. (Christmas Décor

Systems) for Main Street Christmas decorations in the amount of $3,472.00.

This is the first payment of a three year agreement that was approved at the June

10th City Council Meeting.

Finance/Claims – Taylor (7:30-7:35)

Motion to approve change orders regarding asbestos abatement at the property at

129 East Main Street in the amount of $6,400.00

Motion to approve Cost Estimate from John H. Crawford & Associates for

Resident Engineering on the El Indio sanitary sewer main extension project in the

amount of $28,000.00

Utilities / Water - Hanks (7:35-7:40)

Motion to pay Invoice #15443 to Warning Lites of Southern Illinois for safety

supplies in the amount of $2,625.90. This will be paid from the 2019 Illinois Public Risk Fund Safety Grant Award.

Street / Sewer – (7:40-7:45)

Public Grounds – (7:45-7:50)

Motion to approve Temporary Construction Easement with Ameren Illinois for

natural gas pipeline replacement on City property Parcel #01-000-349-00.