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City Council Meeting Agenda -- July 11, 2022 at 7:00 P.M.

City of Staunton

101 W. Pearl Street

Monday, July 11, 2022

7:00 p.m.

I. Call to Order (7:00-7:01)

II. Pledge of Allegiance (7:01-7:02)

III. Roll Call Vote (7:02-7:04)

IV. Consent Agenda (7:04-7:06)


Regular Meeting – 06/27/2022

Special Meeting – 07/02/2022

Collector’s Report

Macoupin County Treasurer (Real Estate Tax Interest)--$1,329.83

Macoupin County Treasurer (Real Estate Tax Interest – Library)--$174.22


Mark Roberts (Park & Recreation Department)

Cullen McBride (Park & Recreation Department)

Monthly Report

Distributed by the City Clerk’s Office


July 11, 2022

Business Licenses Issued

Rooster’s Pub, LLC (Liquor License Renewal)

VFW Post #1241 (Amusement License)

VFW Post #1241 (Video Gaming License)

Cash Out Gaming (Video Gaming License)

Berry’s Bar (Amusement License)

Berry’s Bar (Video Gaming License)

Mr. T’s Tavern & Liquor Store, Inc. (Amusement License)

Mr. T’s Tavern & Liquor Store, Inc. (Video Gaming License)

Skeeter’s Pub (Amusement License)

Skeeter’s Pub (Video Gaming License)

V. Guests

VI. Correspondence (7:10-7:15)

Request received from the Staunton FFA to reserve Firemen’s Park on August 2nd, 2022 for the annual Back to School Family Picinc

VII. Treasurer’s Report (7:15-7:17)

VIII. City Clerk’s Report (7:17-7:20)

X. Approval of Committee Reports and Motions (7:20-8:20)

Public Health & Safety – Manning (7:20-7:25)

Park & Civic Improvement - Scanzoni (7:25– 7:30)

Motion to approve Staunton FFA access to use the Firemen’s Park on Tuesday August 2nd, 2022 for the annual Back to School Family Picnic

Finance/Claims – Moore (7:30-7:35)

Utilities / Water - Moore (7:35-7:40)

Street / Sewer – Machota (7:40-7:45)

Motion to approve Canadian Crossing Drainage project with the total cost not to exceed $5000

Public Grounds – Machota (7:45-7:50)

Tourism – Neuhaus - (7:50-7:55)

Personnel – Johnson - (7:55-8:00)

Motion to allow Street Foreman Bart Yakos to carry over any unused vacation time from 2021-2022 to 2022-2023. Bart’s anniversary date is July 25th.

Annexation – Johnson - (8:00-8:10)

Special Committees – (8:10-8:15)

Judiciary – Manning - (8:15-8:20)

1st reading of Ordinance #2167 Approving A Pre-Annexation Agreement With

Timothy & Wendi Rose Powell Regarding Property Located At 9335 Renken Road, Staunton, IL But Not Physically Annexing The Property To The City’s

Corporate Boundaries At This Time (PIN #12-2-04-01-00-000-031)

IX. Unfinished Business (8:20-8:25)

X. New Business (8:25-8:30)

XI. Executive Session (8:30-8:50)

XII. Motions from Executive Session (8:50-9:00)

XIII. Adjournment (9:00)

Any item listed on this agenda, including any request made in correspondence to the City, may be considered and the subjected to a vote and final action.

Any guests that are wanting to attend the City Council Meeting can do so in person or remotely. Please email to receive the invitation to attend the meeting remotely.


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