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City Council Meeting Agenda--February 27, 2023


City of Staunton

101 W. Pearl St.

Monday, February 27, 2023

7:00 p.m.

I. Call to Order (7:00-7:01)

II. Pledge of Allegiance (7:01-7:02)

III. Roll Call Vote (7:02-7:04)

IV. Consent Agenda (7:04-7:06)


Regular Meeting – 02/13/2023

Collector’s Report

Staunton Police Department (Ordinance Violations)--$300.00

MJM Electric Cooperative (Utility Tax)--$254.46

Southwestern Electric (Utility Tax)--$1,033.80

Ameren Illinois (Utility Tax)--$33,744.81

Staunton Super 8 Motel (Hotel/Motel Tax)--$901.16




February 27, 2023

Business Licenses Issued

Macoupin County Friends of NRA (Raffle License)

V. Guests

VI. Correspondence (7:10-7:15)

Received an email from Ben Clark, respresenting the Staunton Fire Department, requesting to close Park Lane, Luker Street and Bell Street on Sunday, June 25, 2023 from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. for the annual Homecoming Parade.

Received a letter of resignation from part time yard waste attendant Jules Bartony, dated February 23, 2023. Mr. Bartony’s resignation is effective immediately.

VII. Treasurer’s Report (7:15-7:17)

Certificates of Deposit recently cashed in at Bank of Springfield:

Water Fund -- $150,000.00 plus $932.53 interest

Sewer Fund -- $175,000.00 plus $1,087.95 interest

VIII. City Clerk’s Report (7:17-7:20)

Received notice from Macoupin County Clerk Pete Duncan that the polling place for upcoming elections has changed and the new polling place will be St. Michael’s Gym at 428 East North Street in Staunton. This will apply to all Staunton Township and City of Staunton residents. Those voters in the City of Staunton that live in Dorchester Township will continue to vote at the Wilsonville Community Center.

IX. Approval of Committee Reports and Motions (7:20-8:20)

Public Health & Safety – Manning (7:20-7:25)

Motion to grant request from the Staunton Fire Department to close Park Lane, Luker Street and Bell Street on June 25, 2023 from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. for the annual Homecoming Parade

Motion to approve Estimate from Graphic Designs International, LLC for Dodge Charger Complete Reflective Graphic Kits for three new police cars in the amount of $1,275.00

Park & Civic Improvement - Tipler (7:25– 7:30)

Finance/Claims – Moore (7:30-7:35)

Motion to accept low bid from Kamadulski Excavating & Grading for the

Gensing Creek Box Culvert Replacement Project in the amount of $1,797,239.70

Motion to pay Lorraine Heigert $4,000.00 for sewer Easement and landscape

replacement for the East Main Street sewer project

Motion to accept interim construction loan financing proposal from Bank of

Springfield for temporary financing of the Ginseng Creek Culvert Project at

interest rate of 4.25% and retention of Hart, Southworth & Witsman to provide

required interim loan documentation related to bond issuance

Utilities / Water - Moore (7:35-7:40)

Street / Sewer – Machota (7:40-7:45)

Motion giving Mayor Neuhaus authority to sign documents closing out the 2022

M.F.T. Program

Motion to approve Resolution for 2023 M.F.T. Maintenance Program in the

amount of $196,350.00

Public Grounds – Machota (7:45-7:50)

Tourism – Neuhaus - (7:50-7:55)

Personnel – (7:55-8:00)

Annexation – (8:00-8:10)

Special Committees – (8:10-8:15)

Judiciary – Manning - (8:15-8:20)

Motion to approve Ordinance #2192 An Ordinance Of The City Of Staunton That Sets The Public Hearing Date For The Establishment Of A Business District In


1st reading of Ordinance #2193 Approving A Pre-Annexation Agreement With

John M. & Jordan K.L. Forbes Regarding Property Located At 20424 Tall Timber

Road, Staunton, IL But Not Physically Annexing The Property To The City’s

Corporate Boundaries At This Time

Motion to approve Resolution #2023-04 Accepting Bid For Surplus Real Estate

Located Adjacent To 420 East 9th Street, Staunton, Illinois And Authorizing Its


X. Unfinished Business (8:20-8:25)

XI. New Business (8:25-8:30)

XII. Executive Session (8:30-8:50)

XIII. Motions from Executive Session (8:50-9:00)

XIV. Adjournment (9:00)

Any item listed on this agenda, including any request made in correspondence to the City, may be considered and the subjected to a vote and final action.

Any guests that are wanting to attend the City Council Meeting can do so in person or remotely. Please email to receive the invitation to attend the meeting remotely.


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