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City Council Meeting Agenda--November 9, 2020 at 7:00 P.M.


City of Staunton

101 W. Pearl Street

Monday, November 9, 2020

7:00 p.m.

I. Call to Order (7:00-7:01)

II. Pledge of Allegiance (7:01-7:02)

III. Roll Call Vote (7:02-7:04)

IV. Consent Agenda (7:04-7:06)


Regular Meeting – 10/26/2020

Executive Session – 10/26/2020

Collector’s Report

Staunton Super 8 Motel (Hotel / Motel Tax)--$1,763.04

Staunton Police Department (Reports)--$10.00

Madison Communications (Franchise Tax)--$3,754.38

Southwestern Electric Cooperative (Utility Tax)--$898.07

State of Illinois (Cannabis Use Tax)--$253.52

Staunton Township (Payment for Co-Op Projects at Soccer Fields)--$9,000.00

Macoupin County Circuit Clerk (Fine Disbursement)--$1,385.27

Macoupin County Circuit Clerk (Arrest Agency Fee)--$50.00

Macoupin County Circuit Clerk (DUI Fund)--$350.00

Macoupin County Circuit Clerk (Police Vehicle Fund)--$.50

Macoupin County Circuit Clerk (E-Citation Fee)--$6.00



Monthly Report

Distributed by the Bookkeeper


November 9, 2020

Business Licenses Issued

Staunton Sportsman Club (Raffle License)

V. Guests

VI. Correspondence (7:10-7:15)

Received a letter of resignation from part time police officer Gary Cranmer. The letter was submitted on October 26, 2020, effective immediately.

VII. Treasurer’s Report (7:15-7:17)

VIII. City Clerk’s Report (7:17-7:20)

The City Clerk’s Office will be closed on Wednesday, November 11th in observance of the Veteran’s Day holiday. All public works employees, except one water treatment plant employee, will be off that day as well.

IX. Approval of Committee Reports and Motions (7:20-8:20)

Public Health & Safety – Johnson (7:20-7:25)

Park & Civic Improvement - Scanzoni (7:25– 7:30)

Finance/Claims – Moore (7:30-7:35)

Motion to approve 2021 Worker’s Compensation Renewal with Illinois Public

Risk Fund at a cost of $50,557.00 (Policy Period is from Jan. 1, 2021, to Jan. 1,


Utilities / Water - Hanks (7:35-7:40)

Motion to approve Renewal Quote with Hach Co. for annual maintenance at the

water treatment plant in the amount of $10,244.00. Starting date is January 1,

2021 and end date is December 31, 2021.

Street / Sewer – Machota (7:40-7:45)

Public Grounds – Machota (7:45-7:50)

Tourism – Neuhaus - (7:50-7:55)

Personnel – Johnson - (7:55-8:00)

Annexation – Wallace - (8:00-8:10)

Special Committees – (8:10-8:15)

Community Center Committee (Scanzoni)

Motion to approve Quote #2009-169455 from R.P. Lumber Co. for folding tables,

round tables and folding chairs for the Community Center in the amount of

$4,338.17 (to be paid from line item #55.62.820.0)